Ogun assembly passes motion to redeploy its indigenes from troubled States

Posted: July 11, 2012 in General

The Ogun State House of Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution seeking the redeployment of the state’s indigenes posted to violence-prone states in the Northern part of the country for the mandatory one year National Youth Service Corps scheme (NYSC).

The Assembly directed the state Attorney general to urgently obtain a court order to compel the NYSC to redeploy the affected indigenes to more secure parts of the country.

At the chambers floor, Remmy Hassan, representing Odogbolu Constituency, who initiated the motion on the redeployment of the corps members said that the recent escalation of sectarian violence in the Northern states have become alarming and frightening.

He emphasised the need for urgent steps to be taken in order to protect the lives of the innocent young citizens who have been deployed to such unsafe places.

“The Attorney General must get an order of a court of competent jurisdiction within possible days compelling the NYSC authorities to redeploy Ogun State citizens posted to violence- prone states in the North to safer locations”, he said.

Contributing to the motion, Job Akintan, who represents Yewa North 11 Constituency, said that the insecurity in the affected Northern states has become severe, hence the state’s Attorney General should immediately secure a court order seeking the NYSC to redeploy indigenes of the State, now in the orientation camps in those troubled areas.

Another lawmaker, Adijat Adeleye- Oladapo, representing Ifo 11 state constituency, opined that the incessant killings in the North including the recent murder of a serving Senator, Gyang Dantong, and the Majority Leader of the Plateau House of Assembly, Gyang Fulani is “heartless, inhuman and uncivilized”.

The female lawmaker declared that she is in full support for the motion seeking to compel the NYSC to redeploy corps members from Ogun to more secure states.

According to Ms. Adeleye-Oladape, “it is germane we protect the lives of our citizens wherever they are. We don’t want them to die untimely death”.

Oladimeji Kayode



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