This is happening in Edo now

Posted: July 14, 2012 in General

If you know anyone who live in Edo State please encourage them to vote for Adams Oshiomhole of ACN Today. Its a clear choice between light and darkness. We cannot be complaining about the rot in the country and some people will still be voting for PDP in any election. A man is as good as the company he keeps. Nothing good has come out of this PDP since 1999 when the party has been in charge at the federal level. If the party cannot make meaningful impact at the federal level where they have plenty money, how can they make impact in states? Many of us said last year that we were voting for Goodluck and not PDP. We warned them that a man is only as good as the company he keeps. What has Goodluck got to show for the BREATH OF FRESH AIR he promised: N2.8 Trillion Fuel Subsidy Scam, $1.5 Billion Malabu Oil Deal, N278 Billion Pension Scam, N32 Billion Police Pension Scam, insecurity, thousands of people killed by Boko Haram, bad roads as death traps, no electricity, unemployment, monumental corruption….. All these in just 14 months of voting for Goodluck and not PDP as many claimed. If you no fear PDP then you have no fear in you. Oshiomhole has transformed Edo State. One good term deserves another. If you’ve been to Edo State recently you will see government working. It will be shameful if PDP gets 10% of the votes in today election with all the sufferings Nigerians are going through under PDP Federal Government. Let us start showing PDP the way out and tell them it will be “BYE BYE TO JATI JATI IN 2015”. You never know who has friends or families in Edo state



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