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Ayobami Oyalowo is one of the few Nigerians I respect on one of the most popular social media network(twitter).

Ayobami was Born in Kano State some four decade plus ago, had his elementary education in Jos,Plateau State, a state which has today turned to a dead zone due to terrorist attack on innocent citizens and proceeded to kwara state capital Ilorin,for his tertiary education where he bagged B.sc in Geography, he is presently Working on his M.sc Thesis At Business School Netherlands.

It is right to say he is from Oyo State, but Ayobami is the architypical Nigerian, who is at home with all and sees all Nigerians as one and the same. From family of four been the first of 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl.

He is one of the biggest player in the banking sector today and has worked in STB, GTB, Access Bank donning about 12 years now.

Some of the few things I believe brought Ayobami this far include Faith in God, Humility, hard work and extreme honesty as well as integrity.

I respect him most for his decisive, educating and motivating tweets on twitter, having read one of his article he posted through www. ekekeee.com some time ago titled WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KILL IN GOD’S NAME, this is what people feel about him.

@sircarsim: described him as a role model.

@twitfari :an excellent article,I appreciate your tweets and respect you.

@DaPoDan: Sir you’ve got a brain and a heart.PEACE.

@ibrocd: one word GENIUS

@korrupt_bubu: I’m proud of you

@kalaman7: one can’t decide whether to commend you more on objectivity or research, rare but true Nigerian.

@emma_dele: To all on my TL who thinks am worth a pint please follow @ayourb he has proven beyond doubt to be sound yet humble. He is worth 2 pints.

@mthomtoncpa: No pressure,okay?

@saydor: with this article @ayourb has launched himself into twitter celebritydom,set a standard for yourself,must not fall below.

Ayobami Oyalowo has a tradition every Friday evening to use his twitter handle(@ayourb) with the hashtag #Ayourbsay to speak his opinion about Nigeria to Nigerians with a bit of motivation instinct.

Here are #Ayourbsay for last Friday.

Quit waiting for heroes & champions, take d bull by d horn, as long as we look for liberators, we will always be taken for a ride

In my lifetime, Nigeria will be great again. The gale of our righteous anger will sweep away d oppressors & they shall be no more

It may seem a long time, let us keep up the good fight, those of us who fail not & are steadfast will eat the good of the land

Revolution is never planned. It is always spontaneous & devastating to d evil men. When d poor are at their wit end, they strike

Ideas takes time to germinate, keep sowing those seed. When it grows, no jupiter can withstand the seed watered by honest tears

Lies may run for years but in the twinkle on an eye, the truth will overtake it. Evil men live for d time, great men live forever

Locate ur place in destiny, don’t not get lost in the cacophony. Take ur place, ur destiny is in ur hand, take it & make it good

It is never easy, Rosa Park, Luther king Jr etc. It thrives on d blood of saints & true men who will stand,but Liberation is sure

We are on d cusp of something great. We are blessed to be alive at times as these. We are agents of that new & prosperous Nigeria

Do ur part eschew bigotry, do not cheat, don’t offer, solicit or take bribe. Live honestly within ur means & see God in action

The power of mass movt brought in this govt, the same power of mass movt, supported by we the citizens will also chase them out!!

Don’t pray & wait, pray, plan & work hard, ready to take charge. The govt is peopled by liars, thieves & rogues. Let’s Chase them

Men on pulpit have failed us, those on the mat are no better. It is time to pray by ourselves, u don’t need any man to go to God

We are under serious attack by combine forces of darkness, wicked men backed up by religious leaders & evil marabouts. Don’t fear

No Daniel is coming to judgment, this is no shakespear, it is ur future & ur live. Take it,plan & work. They won’t give up easily

Organize, don’t agonize. Those evil ppl don’t sleep at night, they plan & strategize, while u sleep & wait for a messiah to come

Your rights are God given, no man will claim it for u. Power is sweet, thieves won’t willingly quit. We must chase them off.

Until we start challenging d status quo & move frm docility to actively doing right & also demand for our rights, we remain mumus

Nations get d type of leaders they deserve. The leaders are not spirits, they come from amongts us. Every fault of theirs is ours

When nations issues are debated from d prism of ethno-religiousity  there can never be honest dialogue the result is stagnanancy

When citizens are morally bankrupt, liars, cheats etc but very religious, they beget what they deserve, in Leadership.

When a nation has gullible & lackadaisical followers, who finds pleasure in pain never, challenge the status quo, Result is PAIN!

When RULERS are backed by spiritual leaders who are morally decadent, deceiving them that they are chosen by God, result is CHAOS

When a nation is highly blessed & endowed with human & natural resources but ruled by imbeciles the result u get is DISASTER!!!

Japan is no stranger to natural disaster ~CNN heavy rainfall & flood.
Nigeria is no stranger to man made & govt based disaster

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