Gunshots and Bomb Blast in Jos claims 10-year-old boy life

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Security

Gunshots and an explosion in Jos caused confusion and pandemonium in the Plateau State capital on Tuesday.

The explosion went off near Gero Junction, along Bukuru Expressway and not at an Islamic or any school as being alleged.

A body of a dead boy has been found at the scene of the bomb blast that occurred near the Islamic High School, Karen, Bukuru, Jos Tuesday.

It is not clear if the boy died from the blast or from the gunshots that ensued after the blast, which caused confusion and pandemonium within the city.

However, according to witnesses, the blast happend near the Islamic school.

One eyewitness, Mr Gyang Moses, said “the explosive was thrown out from a moving vehicle about 500 meters to the  Islamic High School. There was no damage to the school.”

However, according to a BBC breaking news report on the incident, the boy, which the report said was 10, was killed when a rocket was fired at the school.



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