Tears as Senator Dantong comitted to mother earth

Posted: July 24, 2012 in General

Senator Gyang Dalyop Dantong who was murdered in the Jos crisis  recently has been laid to rest.

Senator  Dantong  who died at the age of 53  was laid to rest in his home town,   Bachit District of Riyom Local Government Area, Plateau, Tuesday,  after a  Church service and burial ceremony attended  by the Senate President, David Mark and other  senators in Jos.

The ceremony was  full of emotion and tears,   but the wife of the late senator, Hannatu Dantong  took  the situation with calm  and strong belief in God.

She turned around to comfort  those who were crying,  saying that   Christians are not supposed to mourn like those without hope.  She encouraged the people to forgive her husband’s killers, saying,  “if he (his husband) were to wake up now he will forgive his killers”.

The Senate President, David Mark, who led a delegation of the National Assembly, said he was amazed with the faith the widow of Dantong demonstrated, saying “her faith has healed the pains all of us here have felt for you; and that singular faith and trust in God is what we the Christians live for.”

He said time heals pains, adding,  “if this church service were a day or two after the Senator went to the Lord, all of us would be shedding tears. But time is gradually healing the pains.

“Yes, things have gone wrong; yes, people have done certain things and have failed to do certain things. But then, what is the essence of Christianity; that we as human beings cannot do everything right all the time? But as Christian political leaders, where we have failed we should have the courage to say we are sorry, because that is what will be able to answer before our God”.

  President Goodluck Jonathan, who was presented by the Minister of Health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu,   blamed the unabated circle of violence that has bedeviled Northern part of Nigeria on the elites who have continued to sponsor attacks on innocent citizens without mercy.

According to him “these are trying times for this country; an ordinary Nigerian wants peace to live together in peace; it is some of us the elites that are usually the problem, we should talk to ourselves and not to pass the burden on any other person.

“I am working tirelessly along other leaders in the country to overcome these challenges, we can only play our role as human beings but we require God’s intervention to bring lasting peace which is obtained through justice and equity”.

.Speaking earlier, the Governor Jonah David Jang admonished the leadership of the Senate to amend the Constitution to serve the interest of the entire country and generation yet unborn.

Jang said “on the amendment of the constitution that is being carried out, stories are going round that this is the time to deal with these governors, they have too much power we are going to deal with them during the amendment of the constitution and if I recall people believe that if state police are created too much power will be given to the governors and they will misuse the powers.

“I have reminded the Senate President that before he became a legislator he was a military governor, the President was a former Governor, the vice president also was a former governor, so the amendment of the constitution will not take effect until 2015, I will not be governor then, you may not be legislators again, some of you may become Governors and some of us may become legislators.

So, if you are amending the constitution to deal with governors, you may be the one to come and suffer it, and I will be the one to enjoy what you have amended. So you should amend the constitution to serve generation yet unborn”.

Also, Chairman of the Plateau state Traditional Council and the Gbong Gwom Jos Da Jacob Gyang Buba called for the establishment of State Police to nip in the bud the circle and senseless killings that have continued unabated in the country.

He faulted the security administration in the country,  saying that the Constitution must be amended to   give the governors’ full powers to control the security agencies within their domains when there is outbreak of violence.



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