A song for my love by @ayourb

Posted: August 1, 2012 in General

Since you came into my world
My life hasn’t been the same
You’ve turn around my world
That nothing will be the same
Yea nothing can beat your love
Your smile makes me to smile
You lighten again my world
And make me always to smile

What is life without your love
Your eyes doth make the sun to shine
Suddenly life seem to have no form
If you are not with me to share
I cherish every smile from you
Cos your smile gives me life
Oh my sister and my dove
You truly doth my heart beloved

What is life without your love
When you smile I see the light
Your voice lighten my path
Your whispers are my mirth
Walk with me my love, my angel
Together we conquer the earth
Finally I can smile again
Your love doth give the cause


  1. Zainy says:


  2. Habeeba says:

    Woww!what a nice poem u r really amazing.your wife was so lucky .keep it up.

  3. Shecrownlitaaaa says:

    *Blushing like oyinbo*….. Thank you much… I knw it is not for me… I claim it this evening.

  4. oscarpoems says:

    This is the other part of Ayourb o. *grins* Good work egbon. Bless

  5. Olayemi Ereluwa says:

    Omolewa, You should have edited the poem before posting, minor tense error. Rhyming in neccessarily using the same words but words that sound alike. I can’t write a poem but my comment is to help you better and not to condemn cos i know say you people too dey vex especially ayourb.

  6. Dr Umoren, U C says:

    Nice one man. Keep the flag flying!

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