Why oh why my love…….by @Ayourb

Posted: August 16, 2012 in General

Why my love oh why have you brought me this hurt and anguish
You came in when my live was under a cloud
You brightened my world
You gave my life a new meaning and impetus to go on
You brought colour into my colorless living
You came in strongly when I was so vulnerable
I was sad and needy, but you filled me with your love
You gave my life a spark and lightened my darkness

Love, they say, is blind
Love doesn’t discriminate I heard,
You told me nothing would stop our march
You said our love and world was divine
And without a prompt, you gave me your love
Why did you offered me your love
Why is your heart on a sinking sand
Why do you plan to leave me in a lurch
You have put me in a quandary
I am weak and dejected from my weeping all day

You know I have built my world around you
My dreams are all about you
Barriers to me are a stepping stone
Why oh why my heart, my love
None can replace you in my heart
The hole you left in my heart can’t be filled
Only you my love can fill that hole
My call and cry you heeded not
Yet in hope I wait with baited breath

I may be foolhardy but I will wait
When I found you, I knew you were all need
None can take your place
My heart & soul was made for you
You delight my soul oh my love
I would wait patiently like a dove for her mate
Like the eagles we would fly away
All barriers we will break
I will stay awake for you to call
I know you will be back for me my love

Our perils have bound our soul
You are mine and none else
Outgrow your juvenile pursuit
Let us build our world together
Note my love, I will wait
Without you love cannot be seen
No peril today can break my vows to you
I will wait my love, I will
I know my love will stand the test for you
You are my world.



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