Posted: August 18, 2012 in General

According to The free dictionary.Com, a” Sycophant is servile self-seeker who attempts to win favour by flattering influential people”
A sycophant is also called an ‘ass-kisser, crawler, boot-licker or apple polisher and probably an “attack dog” (emphasis mine).
Recently, an apple polisher was appointed, though he prefers to be called an “attack lion” an appellation that is baffling to every sane minds. Apparently we have reached a point where being called an apple polisher is a pride?
The main work of the apple polisher is to sit at the defence for his benefactor anytime the master is being criticized just to save their “job”. He sweet-talks yet is always insecure, should he not use his busy mouth for the benefits of others, he becomes a persona non grata to his benefactor 
Perhaps, there could be benefits for being an apple polisher (or so i thought) for instance, when he runs his mouth to the advantage of his boss, he gains favour for himself, his close allies or relations. With this trend of course, corruption creeps in unabated.
Corruption is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric our of society so much that nothing works on merit in Nigeria today. Talk about merit, that is synonymous to sycophants. You commonly have to flatter people in power to get done, thereby sacrificing merit on the altar of sycophancy.
Those in power proudly flaunts the fact that they are corrupt to the extent that some people fingered in frauds and scams challenge and dare the system, while attempting to circumvent the system and prove to the generality of citizens that being in the right “company” is a key to getting away with any crime. The citizens on the other hand, condone corruption, they remain docile and accept the fact that things are not moving right. This fact is almost allowing only the few privileged ones and apple polishers and their cronies to get all the juicy favours from the government, it is so sad, very sad.
I weep for my country, i weep for Nigeria. I weep not because the situation is very bad, but because the situation can be salvaged yet we do not act. We can change Nigeria but we choose to remain silent on serious national and burning issues. Rampant killings, kidnappings, armed robbery and all kinds of social vices have become the order of the day and we have become so used to it that we at most of the time, anticipate the next attack, how pathetic.
Nigerians must stand up now! We need to, in-spite our differences, unite, and be unified to protect our common integrity. We need to prove to the world there is hope for Nigeria. We can be the change we want. I believe we can change and  consign apple polishing to the dustbin of history.

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  1. jirgi80 says:

    We ve lost our sense of pride as a people and ve replace it with greed and sycophancy I solidly agree with you that we change and we ve to for us to achieve the Nigerian dream.

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