Youthfulness is not slothful// by @Ayourb

Posted: August 24, 2012 in General

According to Wikipedia “Youth” is defined as the time of life between childhood and adulthood (maturity.
These group of people constituted the largest part of the world and they are the most vulnerable species to so many unGodly things anyone can think.
Constant sensitization of this said group will go along way in addressing, some of what we all know is, a big concern to many nation today both developed and developing especially in the area of violence and insecurity.
The man I called the “BABA of YOUTHS” @Ayourb addressed a few of these concerns towards youths recently, in his usual mentoring hour on twitter.
Please read with an open mind.

Remember ur Creator in d days of ur youth,before d days of trouble come & d years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them” Ecc 12:1
It used to be easier monitoring kids, teenagers & young adults. But not anymore. With phones & other electronic gadgets it tougher. #youths
In a world without boundaries, with limitless opportunities, people can reach out to anywhere & anyone, sitting in one spot. #youths
Information can be gleaned or transfer in split seconds, friendship & enemies made without physical contacts. Endless possibilities #youths
Yes it is a new & a faster world, but it gets increasingly dangerous & riskier when young people let loose without much restrictions #youths
While the virtually world brings lots of possibilities, it brings along with it, risk & dangers. Kids gets into wrong associations #youths
Young people, normally easily swayed, gets into virtual contacts with shadowy people with questionable character & motives #youths
Today while the internet is a great addition to our lives, it comes with a BIG RISK. Porn & all sorts of evil are easily accessible #youths
Twitter which has become a great social & marketing tool also has its fair share of terrible vices & useless/shadowy characters. #youths
In a recent research I did on twitter, I came across handles where sex is sold, links to porn & explicit movies & pics are tweeted #youths
I was aghast seeing handles with 20k to 100k followers, all they do is trash talk, link up for easy sex etc. Most ffs are students #youths
I saw Bios like #teamfollow back, #teamlesbian, #teambigdick etc. while followers gleefully tweets away their lives with no remorse #youths
So many handles have seductive avatars like naked bodies, boobs, even some have clear pics of couples having sex. All on twitter. #youths
I wonder what our world is turning to? Youths are so aggressive, disrespectful, never willing to learn but forceful to be heard. #youths
Internet & other medium, meant to be used & enjoy is now using & enjoying us. Instead of learning, sex, sex & more sex is d subject #youths
Youths like George Washington, William Wilberforce, Anthony Enahoro, were men who built their nations in their prime. #youths
Today its a different case, youths now means to look smug & reckless, tattoos & multiple piercing. Sagged trousers & naked bodies #youths
Proverbs 20:29(NIV) The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old.
Youths have strength & energy, according to d scripture I just quoted. What do you use your energy for? Sex, wantonness, drinking etc #youths
If we must succeed, the youths must be focused. Youthfulness is not slothful Youths must arise & use their energy constructively #youths
Parents can’t be everywhere. We were once teenagers & young adults too. Sell yourself cheap, u may not regain it ever again. #youths
Once an usher in chur, I saw a half naked girl,I had to stop d female usher with me from talking to her, cos d mum was half naked too. #youths
Parents are irresponsible, children are useless. But its not all doom & gloom. I’ve seen some great youth. @opesays, @Yadomah etc #youths
It shows that even in the midst of this decay & madness, we can still get some order. I urge all who read these tweets to ponder it. #youths
Young people, respect your bodies & value yourself. @zebbook is 25 but today he stands not before mere men. Who are u standing with? #youths
If you call yourself a bitch, we will too, call yourself a whore we will patronise you. But if you give yourself class, men will bow to you #youths
I am not here to condemn anyone’s lifestyles or value system, but the way you lay your bed, so shall you lie on it.
Train up your child so that he may give you peace. The untrained children will sell off your expensive mansions in due time. #youths
Eccl. 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man #youths
Finally I leave you in the hands of Him who is able to keep us from falling & present us faultless before his throne of grace. Amen #youths


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