OCEAN BOYS: Journalists seek legal action on NPL

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Sports

Three Nigerian journalists have warned the Nigerian Premier League to take action against Premier League club Ocean Boys, or face legal action.

Colin Udoh of KickOff, Bode Oguntuyi of Futaa.com and Toyin Ibitoye of Sunrise Sports represented by Free Agbaje, on Tuesday issued a 48-hour deadline as league organizers continue to drag their feet over the issue.

“All we are asking for, is that the NPL obey its own rules, in a manner that does not leave any room for any suspicion of foul play. Surely, that isn’t too much to ask,” the journalists asked. 

The club, based out of Bayelsa State, have missed four league matches, three of them consecutively, one more than is required to contravene Art 4.2 (3) of the NPL’s 2012 Regulations.

The regulation states: If a club fails to honour two consecutive matches without an acceptable reason such a club shall be expelled from the League and its matches played and unplayed shall be cancelled.

However, the NPL appeared unwilling to implement the regulation after the club missed their second consecutive game. 

Only after they had missed a third, and with media outcry at a high, did the league leadership deign to set up an ill-thought out committee to investigate the circumstances of Ocean Boys’ default.

Since being set up three weeks ago, that committee is yet to meet. The membership was not announced, neither were terms of reference given nor a time frame given to submit their report.

But the NPL, ignoring its own committee, went ahead to release an official league table showing Ocean Boys as having played, and lost, all four games by  3 points and 3 goals.

Committee chairman Alhaji Wopa said on Monday that the committee were only hoping to meet on Tuesday
“We have not met at all. But we hope that we can meet on Tuesday before the board meeting,” Wopa said.
If Ocean Boys are expelled, their accrued points will be expunged from the league, and Wopa says that is a position he supports
“In my own personal opinion, I would say we should remove the points.
“I don’t want us to set a bad precedent. I don’t want to be sentimental because whatever we do, posterity will judge us.”



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