Read,Think and Change your Life By @Ayourb

Posted: September 6, 2012 in General

Inspiration appears in many forms, but for me it most often graces me from the pages of books. I am a seeker. May be you are too. I crave the “truth” about the nature of life and our human existence, whatever that truth may be.
This truth is constantly evolving and expanding as I read more, learn more, and open my mind and heart to all of the amazing and transformational ideas and insights that the world’s great thinkers @Ayourb inclusive offer to us through their writing.

There are some thinkers and authors whose words have had a profound impact on me, one of which is (@Ayourb) shifting the way I view the world and live my life. I’d like to share some of his wise saying (Ayourbsay) with you.

If you can’t think right, you can’t act right. If you want to change the way you interact with people, change the way you think. #Ayourbsay

As man thinketh, so is he. You are your thought, but to think right, what do u feed your soul? Good stuff or lewd junk? #Ayourbsay

A studious man is a man of ideas. Read good books, read your holy book. Change your thought pattern & see how your life blossoms #Ayourbsay

He must be a deep thinker, whoever must change d world. But a warped mind can’t think positively, heal your soul & free your mind #Ayourbsay

The day you stop reading/learning is the day you start dying. So read, read & read. Its the only way to remain alive & fresh. #Ayourbsay

You’ve heard it said, he is worse that do not read than he that can’t read. I say he is a walking corpse who can read but doesn’t #Ayourbsay

Who say a tree can’t make a forest, ask Messi. One man can change his world, ask Mahatma Ghandi, change your thought, the panacea. #Ayourbsay

Want a tattoo? By all means go get one, taxi cabs are generally covered in paints & marks. No one dare scratching on a Bentley. #Ayourbsay

Your mind is the workshop of your life, what is d subject of your meditation? You are a product of your thoughts, think right. #Ayourbsay

He controls the world, if he is in charge of his mind. Every invention was a product of the mind of men. Take control of your thoughts. #Ayourbsay

Your victory or failure is in your mind. You can’t stop a bird flying over your head, but can stop it nesting. Purge your thought. #Ayourbsay

Thoughts are like arrows, your mind is d battleground. Master the thoughts you allow to take root in your mind. #Ayourbsay

Show me a winner in the affairs of this life & I will show u a man who has mastered his mental & thinking faculty. #Ayourbsay

Do not be hasty to be heard. Master your thoughts & Marshall your argument. They may be ahead, but a master strategist will surely win. #Ayourbsay

I am not the most brilliant of men, nor the most intelligent, but I have read & fed my soul, to d point no man can sway me. #Ayourbsay

Caught in a death/life situation & u cannot within minutes think of a way out by experience or what you have read, your mind is dull. #Ayourbsay

Your mind is your biggest God given weapon, sharpen it & ensure it is at a tip-top condition always, trouble don’t give notice. #Ayourbsay

Give wine to he who will perish & alcohol to one ready for the slaughter, its clouds the mind, clouded thought is a recipe for disaster #Ayourbsay

Finally, take charge of your mind, read good books, read your holy book & think good thoughts. You are a product of your thoughts#Ayourbsay



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