Live your life with no guilt or regret ~by @Ayourb

Posted: September 23, 2012 in General

It is appointed unto man to die once & afterwards comes d judgment. Heb 9:27 live your life with no guilt or regret, death comes unannounced

Let your words be with grace, seasoned with salt. We do more harm than we realize with our words. Watch what you say. #Ayourbsay

We can’t go thru life unprovoked but we would be unwise to live our entire live in a state of provocation. #Ayourbsay

You can’t stop a bird flying over your head but you can definitely refuse it nesting on your head. Reject unwholesome thoughts.#Ayourbsay

Words are arrows, your mind is a constant battleground. You can’t control what you hear but you are in control of what you think.#Ayourbsay

Whatever you think & meditate upon is what you will do. Free your mind of hate, evil thoughts & pettiness. It denigrates. #Ayourbsay

Do not allow evil & wicked thoughts to fester in u. Your thoughts eventually becomes your action, your action is your character.#Ayourbsay

The heart of man is a wellspring of ideas. Ideas are a product of imaginations. Think right & act right always. #Ayourbsay

You can never achieve bigger than you think. Always remember that the biggest inventions are a product of the imagination of men.#Ayourbsay

The wisest men is not the most brilliant, he is only sensible enough to know what to think & act upon at precise times always. #Ayourbsay

No matter what you do, people will criticize you. Do what is right & satisfy your conscience, monuments aren’t built for critics’ #Ayourbsay

The biggest blow you can deal a fool is your silence. Ignoring a fool is a bigger death kneel than justifying yourself. #Ayourbsay

I can tell you the good in my religion, but the biggest testimony of my faith to an unbeliever is my character not my rhetoric. #Ayourbsay

You have but one chance to be the best in this world, do not waste it, your life pass away soon & u will never have another chance.#Ayourbsay

Emotions are intangible, but are the biggest pointers to our lives. Always give out your best vibes, people can always feel it.#Ayourbsay

Strive not to fit any description. You are you & no one can be a better you. You will always fall short of another’s expectation #Ayourbsay

Remember that no one has seen your God. You are the only representative of His that men can see, be a good ambassador always. #Ayourbsay

Even as I write, cynics and small minded bigots are here saying, “it’s so easy to preach” ignore them & move on. #Ayourbsay

Some people never do, see or say any good. They live their lives in hate & fault finding. Don’t be deterred they are unfulfilled #Ayourbsay

We may never be perfect but we always strive, if we try we may attain, but we are failures already if we don’t. #Ayourbsay

Our lives are a loan, we do not own it. Use your loan well, death cometh anytime, it is the only definite experience of all men.#Ayourbsay

We are all a creation of ONE God who has d right to force us to be robots, but chose to allow free will, don’t be godlier than GOD.#Ayourbsay

You have the right to chose who to listen to & hangout with. Bitter people are poison, no man eat poison to live, avoid them.#Ayourbsay

Show me your friends & I will tell who you are is an old maxim but it is still relevant even till today. Covet only good company #Ayourbsay

Iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens his friends, ensure your friends are those who can lift u when you are down. Losers are losers.#Ayourbsay

Finally in all we do, ask yourself, will this glorify God? If the answer is NO, no matter how pertinent, please abstain. #Ayourbsay


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