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You will never know how strong you are & the depth of your resilience until you are faced with tough times.

No one can stop your march to the top if you are determined. You are the only inhibition to your progress in life.

The battles of life are tough & difficult but a strong man will weather any storm provided he is prepared to dine at the top.

The most successful man is not the smartest of men. he is just willing to try a little more when others would have given up.

Success is good, it brings many well-wishers, but only in adversity will you know who your true friends are.

When down, look back, reflect on why & be prepared for the future, because u won’t always be down, but if not careful u won’t last a the top

We are mortals, yes we will all die, but a successful life is not necessarily the wealthiest, it is how impactful your live is

Life is definitely a fragrance. But the thing about scents is while some are lovely, some are repulsive. What do you exhude?

You are a reflection of how you think. Master your thoughts, cos your thoughts become your action & your action become you.

We are only better than animals because of our cognitive ability, use yours intelligently, hence you are no higher than a lower animal.

When times are hard, do not despair, for as long as you are permitted to be alive, then you have hope & are better than the dead

Our lives are like a book, things we do today always comes back to us, ensure your pages are well written.

Misuse of privilege is a big folly, the stupid decisions u take today may be d reason ur march to d top is halted tomorrow.

Never mistake notoriety for fame. Your stupidity & folly of today, will fully haunt you down in the nearest future, beware!

Your character is what you are when no one is watching. Beware, what u do in the closet may soon be broadcasted on the rooftop

No one was born to fail, we are always a product of the decisions we take.

The failure and success of tomorrow are a direct result of the seed we sow today. How are you living your live today?

Don’t mistake an acquaintance for a friend. He is a friend to your success, wait until you are down to count your true friends.

You may get away with your crime once, don’t act smart, you were just lucky, if you persist in sin, your sins will find you out.

None is born too low to rise, whoever rises must have risen from beneath, a crown worn by a generation may not be passed along.

Let no man despise you, if you persist in your struggles, they that made fun of you today, will seek your patronage tomorrow.

Only fools laugh at a hardworking man, a man diligent, shall not stand with mere mortals, he shall mingle with royalties.

Never despise small beginnings, the biggest success had the smallest start ups, Bill Gates started in his fathers garage.

Until you give up on yourself, God never gives up on you, even when you are down, pls find the strength, remain positive.

Be diligent in what you do, they would poke fun at you, don’t worry, they achieve nothing, monuments aren’t built for critics

It is not he who says, that is honourable, honour belongs not to the sayer, but to the doer.

He who oppresses the poor today is foolish, if he was wise, he ought to have considered the end of the oppressors of yesterday.

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Al Ahly defeated Sunshine Stars on Sunday evening to qualify for the final of the 2012 Caf Champions League in front of an empty Military Academy Stadium in Cairo.

The Egyptians opened scoring late in the first half through Ahmed Nagy Gedo as they made the tie very tough for the visitors who needed nothing but a win to sail through to the final.

Sunshine were chasing their first continental final after failing at the semi final stage in last year’s Confederation Cup. But the visitors found it hard to crack open one of Africa’s greatest club sides.

The two teams paraded a few new faces with Godfrey Oboabona returning to captain the Nigerians while they had Henry Ayodele in goal.

The hosts had a couple of chances that ratcheted off the cross bar as they dominated attack for the most part of the game while the Nigerians had no shot on goal as Sharif Ekrami had a quiet game. Gedo gave them the lead three minutes before half time shooting high past Ayodele for his third goal in the two-legged semi final encounter.

However, the visitors had their first attempt on goal through Cameroonian midfielder Tamen Medrano in the second half but Ekrami punched out for a corner kick. Moments later, the Nigerians hit the woodwork again through Medrano as they went in search of an equaliser and perhaps an upset.

The Nigerians looked to be more confident after their attempts on goal and seemed to keep the ball well but were not able to find an opening in the face of a resolute Ahly defence.

Forlorn-looking coach Gbenga Ogunbote made all three substitute changes in search of the much sought after goal but his charges were unable to prise open their hosts.

The Egyptians held on to their lead for a 4-3 aggregate score and will now face defending champions Esperance in the final.


Here is the English translation:
People are queuing to see Gaddafi’s body..
“This is my will. I, Muammar bin Mohammad bin Abdussalam bi Humayd bin Abu Manyar bin Humayd bin Nayil al Fuhsi Gaddafi, do swear that there is no other God but Allah and that Mohammad is God’s Prophet, peace be upon him. I pledge that I will die as Muslim.

Should I be killed, I would like to be buried, according to Muslim rituals, in the clothes I was wearing at the time of my death and my body unwashed, in the cemetery of Sirte, next to my family and relatives.

I would like that my family, especially women and children, be treated well after my death. The Libyan people should protect its identity, achievements, history and the honourable image of its ancestors and heroes. The Libyan people should not relinquish the sacrifices of the free and best people.

I call on my supporters to continue the resistance, and fight any foreign aggressor against Libya, today, tomorrow and always.

Let the free people of the world know that we could have bargained over and sold out our cause in return for a personal secure and stable life. We received many offers to this effect but we chose to be at the vanguard of the confrontation as a badge of duty and honor.

Even if we do not win immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations that choosing to protect the nation is an honor and selling it out is the greatest betrayal that history will remember forever despite the attempts of the others to tell you otherwise.”


Nigeria’s security forces appear to be gaining grounds in the fight against militancy in the northern part of the country as they announced the capture of a top commander of Boko Haram during a raid on the home of a high-level national politician in Maiduguri.

Lt. Col Sagir Musa, spokesman for the Joint Task Force (JTF) said in a terse statement sent to media this evening, that Shuaibu Mohammed Bama had been picked up and is in custody. However he declined to name the national politician.
Islamist sect Boko Haram has its strongest base in Maiduguri.
The official statement said: “The JTF have been successful in their ongoing anti-terror operations. A high-profile Boko Haram commander, one Shuaibu Mohammed Bama, who has been on the list of wanted terrorists, was arrested by task force troops in a serving politician’s house. He is in the custody of the JTF and assisting in the investigation and has since made startling revelations.”
Although Sagir did not state the relationship between the captured commander and late Habibu Bama, who was killed in Damaturu, and the name of the serving Nigerian lawmaker, sources said the suspect was arrested in a high brow area in Maiduguri axis of Borno State.
Another source said that crack security team have been trailing Bama, from Kano to Kaduna and finally Maiduguri where he was barbed on Thursday in Cordon and Search Operation style, that have armed to teeth combat soldiers who were well position to repel any counter from the Boko Haram’s sect.


Jack Wilshere’s long awaited return to competitive action could be over as soon as tomorrow after his agent revealed that the midfielder would be in the Arsenal squad for the match against Norwich.
The England international has been stepping up his recovery from a serious ankle injury over recent weeks and on Wednesday played 90 minutes in a specially arranged match against Chelsea at Arsenal’s training ground in Hertfordshire.
That followed two appearances for Arsenal’s under-21 side in which he managed 63 minutes and then 74.
It was thought Wilshere would return at the end of the month, with the Capital One Cup tie against Reading on the 30th pencilled in.
However, it appears he could play a part tomorrow when Arsenal travel to Carrow Road after his agent Simon Bayliff tweeted that he was in the squad for the match.
Bayliff tweeted: “It’s been two “good news” days in a row. Doesn’t happen very often. Jack travels to Norwich in the #AFC 1st team squad! Delighted.”
Speaking earlier today, Wenger said Wilshere was mentally ready to return, although physically he is not quite there.
“There are two aspects,” said Wenger. “One is the apprehension to go into challenges when you have too many injuries, on that front we are at 100 per cent. We even have to calm him down. He goes for every challenge and has no apprehension.
“Then you have the physical front – he is okay there, then you have the match fitness which is 80 per cent.”
Wenger made no mention of Wilshere’s involvement in tomorrow’s match, suggesting that his next game would in fact be against Everton in a reserves game on Monday.
“He needs one more game, maybe Monday night with the reserves, then he should be back,” he said.
Wenger also commented on Stuart Pearce’s wish for Wilshere to take part in next summer’s under-21 European Championships in order for the midfielder to gain some international experience.
“I believe at the moment that is a bit premature. Let’s wait until Jack comes back. He has not played in the first team for 14 months,” said Wenger.
“Do you know what that is like, 14 months out of competition? Jack works very hard, he is doing well, but let’s not go too far.”
The televised Premier League match against Norwich kicks off at 5.30pm.

The Independent (UK)


Tottenham Hotspurs’ home game against Chelsea tomorrow afternoon, will be more than just another London derby. It will be the first time that Andre Villas-Boas, will come face to face with the club where he tried to make his reputation in England, and failed woefully.

What made it worse, is that his then assistant, Roberto Di Matteo, which is now the permanent manager of the club, went on to win the double that included the UEFA Champions League.

But the former Porto boss, says he is not impressed by the conquest of Europe, insisting that going unbeaten in the league is a superior achievement.

“Winning any league is extremely difficult but going through it unbeaten is also extremely difficult,” he said. “The achievement that Arsenal did [in 2003-04] was remarkable and outstanding and probably won’t be repeated in the modern game as it happened in Porto with me.

“There were games where we lived on the limit and certainly Arsenal did the same. It will be something extremely difficult to go past.”

Villas-Boas, who took up the reins at White Hart Lane this summer, was then asked ourightly which was more difficult to win. His response was: “Remaining unbeaten in the league.”



An explosion has rocked  Mubi, the commercial nerve centre of Adamawa,Wednesday, causing extensive damage to lives and property.

Eyewitness account said that the explosion which was targeted at the patrol vehicle of the Joint Military Task Force (JTF) occurred at a popular market, Kasuwan Kuturu,  few meters to the general hospital.

The eyewitness stated that the explosion occurred at about 8 O’clock in the morning and  he saw scores of people been rushed to the hospital.

The explosion occurred barely two weeks after the killing of over 40 students at three tertiary institutions in the town.

As at the time of this report, the death toll has not been ascertained, even as the Adamawa Police command confirmed the incident.

It was also gathered that there were sporadic shootings after the explosion between the security operatives and the suspected gunmen.


Peter Rufai slumps, hospitalised

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Sports

Former Nigerian international, Peter Rufai, on Tuesday night slumped in his office in Lagos, TV journalist, Kayode Tijani, is reporting.
The report says the retired goalkeeper was rushed to Toki Hospital, off Adeniran Ogunsanya, after he suddenly collapsed.
“I just got a call now from Bruce who is the younger brother of soccer icon Peter Rufai,” Mr. Tijani posted on his Facebook page.
He further quoted Bruce as saying, “Kayode, just to let you know we have a situation on our hands.your friend, my brother Peter Rufai yesterday night just suddenly slumped at the office.
“We rushed him to Toki Hospital off Adeniran Ogunsanya where he is now. The doctors are doing everything possible though he’s not really come around yet and they don’t know yet what the real cause of the slump is.
“He’s been taking the death of our 78-year-old mum badly since last week. We are really praying here for his health.”
Peter Rufai, 49, who played for Nigeria between 1983 and 1998, returned to the country from his base in Europe to start a youth sports development programme. He had 65 international caps for the Eagles, according to his Wikipedia entry.
His mother, Christiana, died last week, leaving him devastated.


People view the wealth of men of God from different angles. While some think there’s nothing bad living a good life filled with abundant wealth, others believe men of God are just supposed have enough, and that their calling doesn’t require excess.
Whichever way you choose to look at this, everyone has a right to their opinion.
Here are the five pastors Forbes think are the richest in Nigeria.
1.Bishop David Oyedepo
Affiliation: Living Faith World Outreach Ministry, aka Winners Chapel
Estimated net worth: $150 million
David Oyedepo is Nigeria’s wealthiest preacher. Ever since he founded the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry in 1981, it has grown to become one of Africa’s largest congregations. The Faith Tabernacle, where he hosts three services every Sunday, is Africa’s largest worship center, with a seating capacity of 50,000. Oyedepo owns four private jets and homes in London and the United States. He also owns Dominion Publishing House, a thriving publishing company that publishes all his books (which are often centered on prosperity). He founded and owns Covenant University, one of Nigeria’s leading tertiary institutions, and Faith Academy, an elite high school.
2.Chris Oyakhilome
Church: Believers’ Loveworld Ministries, a.k.a Christ Embassy
Estimated net worth: $30 million – $50 million
Last year, the charismatic preacher was at the center of a $35 million money laundering case in which he was accused of siphoning funds from his church to foreign banks. Pastor Chris pleaded no wrongdoing and the case was eventually dismissed. His church, Christ Embassy, boasts more than 40,000 members, several of whom are successful business executives and politicians. Oyakhilome’s diversified interests include newspapers, magazines, a local television station, a record label, satellite TV, hotels and extensive real estate. His Loveworld TV Network is the first Christian network to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world on a 24 hour basis.
3.Temitope Joshua
Church: Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)
Estimated net worth: $10 million – $15 million
Nigeria’s most controversial clergyman is also one of its richest and most philanthropic. T.B Joshua heads the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a congregation he founded in 1987, which accommodates over 15,000 worshippers on Sundays. The Pastor has remained controversial for several years for his inexplicable powers to heal all sorts of incurable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, cancer and paralysis. For miracle-craving worshippers, it’s the perfect seduction. The church currently has branches in Ghana, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Greece. In the past three years, he has given over $20 million to causes in education, healthcare and rehabilitation programs for former Niger Delta militants. He owns Emmanuel TV, a Christian television network, and is close friends with Ghanaian President Atta Mills.
4.Matthew Ashimolowo
Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC)
Estimated net worth: $6 million – $10 million
In 1992, Foursquare Gospel Church, a Nigerian church, sent Ashimolowo to open a satellite branch in London. But Pastor Matthew had other ideas and decided to set up his own church instead. Today, his Kingsway International Christian Center is reportedly the largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom. In 2009, the church posted profits of close to $10 million and assets worth $40 million. Ashimolowo earns an annual salary of $200,000, but his real wealth comes from varied business interests including his media company, Matthew Ashimolowo media, which churns out Christian literature and documentaries. Ashimolowo’s representatives did not respond to a request confirming his net worth and ownership of all these assets.

5.Chris Okotie
Church: Household of God Church
Net worth: $3 million -$10 million
Pastor Okotie made his first success as a popular pop musician in the 80s. He found the light, embraced the bible and set up the Household of God Church, one of Nigeria’s most flamboyant congregations. His 5,000 member church consists predominantly of Nollywood celebrities, musicians, and society people. He contested and lost Nigerian presidential elections for the third time this year under the Fresh Party, a political party he founded and funds. An automobile lover, he owns a Mercedes S600, Hummer and Porsche among several others.


Armed robbers opened fire on a group of people as they left prayers at a mosque in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna on Sunday, killing about 20, a military spokesman said.

A resident reported that the gunmen were disguised in police uniforms as they stormed the mosque in the village of Dogon Dawa just before sunrise, shooting both those still worshipping within the building as well as some outside.

“It is a clear case of armed robbery” Lieutenant Colonel Sani Usman told AFP, confirming the shooting. “The last time I spoke with my (contact) in the area, he said it was 20 people dead.”

Religiously divided Kaduna has seen waves of sectarian violence in recent months.

Suicide bombings at three churches in June that were claimed by Islamist group Boko Haram sparked reprisal violence by Christian mobs who killed dozens of their Muslim neighbours, burning some of their victims’ bodies.

Muslim groups also formed mobs and killed several Christians.

Usman however told AFP that the latest attack was linked to a running feud between a group of “bandits” and a vigilante group in Dogon Dawa.

The thieves had tried to rob some residents earlier in the week but were repelled, he said, adding that the robbers returned to the village on Sunday and carried out what he termed a “revenge” attack.

Asked about a potential religious element in the shootings, he said only that “the victims were coming from prayers” at the mosque.

Village resident Dauda Maikudi told AFP that thieves regularly target the area as Dogon Dawa falls along a main road frequently used by traders carrying goods and cash between the north and south of Africa’s most populous country.

“It was a pre-dawn raid,” he said. “The attackers…, some of them dressed in police uniform, came into the village. They killed eight worshippers in the mosque and killed 13 other residents in the village.”

“We believe they were armed robbers because this area has been bedeviled with armed robbers for years,” he added.

Maikudi’s higher death toll and details of the gunmen’s clothing could not be immediately confirmed by the security services.

Dogon Dawa is roughly 70 kilometres (44 miles) from the state capital Kaduna city.

Violent robbery is common on Kaduna’s notoriously dangerous major roadways, with attackers often setting up roadblocks and targetting their victims under the cover of darkness.