Nigeria: Why We Still Wear Diapers At 52–By @Ayourb

Posted: October 1, 2012 in General

Let me first congratulate my fellow citizens. Nigeria is 52 today and looking back, we can only say God has been faithful. We cannot blame God in any way for all our misfortunes and predicaments. Not too long ago, I wrote a piece, titled ‘Is the African Race Cursed?’ In that piece, I clearly proved from the Holy Bible, that Africa, nay Nigeria, is indeed blessed and not cursed of God. If there are any curses at all, they are basically man-made and border on the dearth of quality leadership. We have never been fortunate to have leaders who will properly harness our God given human, material and mineral resources.

Nigeria, an amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates, became a full fledged nation in 1914 by the proclamation of the former colonial masters, the old British Empire. Her first leader, with the designate of a Governor, was named Lord Lugard. After several years of being a part of the British Empire, Nigeria became an independent entity on the 1st of October, 1960. The brand new country was seen as a beacon of hope for the black race. It was a country with the potential to become one great nation and a threat to the established world powers. Indeed Nigeria was a buoyant and vibrant nation with a people so hardworking that even God must have smiled with pleasure at our industry as a people.

At independence, Nigeria had three regions namely the Northern, the Western and the Eastern Regions. The Mid-Western region comprising the current Edo and Delta states was carved out of the old Western Region. The country was self sufficient in agriculture. Agriculture was the mainstay of the economy. But despite the seeming economic prosperity, the country was highly polarised along ethnic and religious lines with tribalism as a core factor in her body polity. Political parties were largely tribal and were satisfied to lord it over their regional enclaves. NPC as the lord of the manor in the North, the AG dictating the pace in the West while the NCNC held sway in the East. The foundation of mutual suspicion was laid right at the beginning of nationhood. All the tribes saw each other as competitors in the power equation, rather than partners in progress.

Despite the differences in political ideology in these various parties, one thing was discernible from the major political gladiators of those early days of Nigeria: they were LEADERS within their rank and file. The founding fathers of Nigeria were prepared men. They were Men who understood the concept of political leadership and were greatly loved and revered by their followers. They were Men who stood for something. They weren’t accidental or unprepared leaders. They knew their onions and served their people to the best of their abilities. Little wonder that decades after their demise, these men are still reference points in Nigeria in politics and leadership.

But the incursion of the military into our body polity distorted the concept of leadership in the country. These militicians(military politicians) were not prepared for leadership roles in a political set up. They were not unaccountable to anyone and ruled by fiat and force; not adhering to any known rules of engagement. No military leader personifies these corrupt and recalcitrant lot than the evil genius himself, General Ibrahim Babangida. That man single handedly destroyed whatever vestige and modicum of shame that was left in the corridors of power in Nigeria. He lied to the citizens without bathing an eyelid and spent billions in a moribund ‘’Transition to Civil Rule’’ program without any result to show, except sweat, blood and agony. Several times he promised to conduct elections and hand over power to a civilian Government and EVERY time he shifted the goal post culminating in the annulment of the widely adjudged freest and fairest election ever conducted in Nigeria.

Following the turbulent post IBB era in which Nigeria has been unfortunate to have been lead first by the colourless errand boy, Earnest ‘Interim’ Shonekan and the most brutal dark goggled one, Gen. Sani Abacha, Nigeria has finally purchased for herself a most expensive but degenerative brand of contraption, erroneously called Democratic Government.

Nigerians, tired of militicians, were ready for any form of respite and we have blindly ended up in the alley we now find ourselves. Our brand of democracy is unique to us. It is a wasteful and barbaric brand of democracy, were feudal lords reign supremely unchallenged. Our brand of democracy ensures that not one single productive venture thrives in our monolithic economy. The only thriving industries, are twofold: Firstly, the corruption industry. This industry employs touts and never do wells called politicians and their cronies, acolytes, girlfriends, friends, friends of the friend of somebody who knows somebody. The second is the Cabal industry, comprised of appointed friends, girlfriends, including married women of easy virtue, oil criminals, kingpins and all sorts of shady characters who can front for those in government and can deliver good returns at the expense of the poor hard working masses of the Nigerian state.

Elected and appointed government officials in Nigeria have no shame or any sense of worth. No institution works and I will give you some examples. Take the health sector, for instance. Since this brand of democracy was instituted in 1999, countless government officials have either been successfully treated abroad or passed away in foreign hospitals. It is estimated that over N437bn has been spent in foreign hospitals by elected or appointed government officials. In fact, our penultimate President died in a Saudi Hospital ( ignore the body they brought and were hiding from the public for a few days before they officially pronounced him dead. That was done so that they could be able to sign a few more cash checks).

Also recall that a former first lady also died in a German hospital (it is also being insinuated that the current first lady is lying critically ill in a… wait for this…. German hospital). The Nigerian government has ensured that the health sector is completely comatose, since those in government and their cronies can always catch a plane to either Germany, Saudi, Israel and even India etc. You may want to ask them if any senior official in government circles in any of the aforementioned countries has ever come to Nigeria on a medical sojourn?

The education sector has also been destroyed, since they can either send their children abroad or start their own private institutions; the fees of which are beyond the reach of the common man. In fact some banks have begun turning away applicants who didn’t attend certain higher institutions of learning or those who are above the age of 24.

The aviation sector has not been spared. The government and members of the cabal have all ensured that our skies, domestically, rank as one of the most unsafe anywhere in the world. It is little wonder that, we now have more private jets than commercial jets in Nigeria. The NCAA as at August 29 2012 has registered 123 private aircrafts in NIGERIA. Last year the budget for the presidential fleet was N18billion while the budget for the entire aviation sector was N20billion. What a loving and caring government, wont you say?

On our 52nd anniversary, Nigeria is currently led by a man called Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. An astute man who has been so magnanimous to a fault, he has championed the cause of liberation and economic emancipation through the miraculous ‘cure all drug’, called cassava bread. Jonathan has been unrelenting in his cassava revolution and he has made life easier for Nigerians by ensuring that the price of bread soars higher since hapless Nigerians have refused to see the wisdom in eating cassava bread.

Nigeria has had all sorts of leaders in the past, but never have we been so unfortunate to be led by a man who can hardly differentiate his left from his right. He sits in council and appoints brilliant minds like Mr. Femi Otedola to help make the economy work. Otedola is so brilliant, he recently said on national TV, “whatever is done in darkness will be revealed in lightness’’(sic). This brilliant man who graciously assists our amiable simpleton of a president in directing the economic affairs of Nigeria, owes various banks in Nigeria just N194.7billion only in unpaid loans, but he magically conjured up enough money to buy a national power plant.

At 52 our amiable president has graciously told us that he CANNOT solve the problems of Nigeria, and has therefore gathered men of like minds to take up the problems of Nigeria to God in prayer. Obviously God has told Jonathan that if he prays very well, those who stole N2.6trillion from the treasury in the name of oil subsidy will return the money magically and all his friends who owe AMCON huge sums in unpaid loans will pay back since prayer is the key to modern governance. Also prayer will ensure sanity in SEC and make Aruma Oteh sit up, while those criminals who stole billions in pension funds will repent and return their loot. Prayers will indeed work wonders, just as we were led to vote for Goodluck without a blueprint, we shall henceforth be governed by prayers without plans. Cry the beloved country!

A child who crawls and and is still draped in diapers at 52 is a curse and a problem to his family. I firmly believe Nigeria is not beyond redemption. No country has the fortune of abundant mineral deposits, natural and human resources like Nigeria does. Nigeria has only been unfortunate to be ruled by greedy and unconscionable men, without the fear of God. Men who will rather fly to Germany for treatment spending millions in the process, rather than fix the hospitals at home thereby increasing the chances of survival of the majority of the citizenry.

It behoves on us as a people, to stand up and force the change we desire. This is where apathy to issues of governance has landed us; where our best is now being ruled by our worst. There is a maxim that the price good men pay for ignoring politics is to be led by inferior men. Nothing can be truer. Kindly watch a sitting of our National Assembly on NTA and check out the quality their debates. You will be appalled at how these overpaid men and women discuss issues affecting our lives as though they are in a beer parlour.

We can no longer leave the issues of governance in the hands of professional politicians and men seeking liberation for their stomachs etc. We either make it work now or we all perish unsung.

The choice is yours my fellow Nigerians.

Happy 52nd anniversary!

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