Love in an unlikely place

Posted: December 22, 2012 in General

She was alone even in the midst of friends
To the world she put on her happy face 
She was leaving in a lonely world
She shut out love and scorned affection 
Blindly living and bearing all her burdens alone 
She wanted no lover or helper 
Slowly waltzing into darkness 
Restrained only by thoughts of years gone by 
Of love long buried with loved ones 
Of family long dispersed and immersed in newer ties

Deep down how she yearned for a shoulder to lean on 
For strong arms to carry her to safety 
For a love so true it would risk anything to win her heart 
For kisses so tender it would melt her soul 
For words so true it would fill her with hope 
Oh how she longed. 

Like sudden lightning it came 
Like thunderbolt on a clear day it struck Like the Aurora borealis it shone 
So bright and so beautiful
Yet so sweet and so tender 
It came, yes love came calling
When least expected
When least acknowledged
From quarters unimaginable
Love came calling. 

It wouldn’t be ignored
It wouldn’t be tabooed
It wouldn’t be shelved aside
It refused to be hidden 
Its light was determined to shine 
Will it, nill it, it was here to stay 
Love was here to bloom 
Love was here to reign
Love was here to conquer
Love came calling.


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